Take it to a PRO level!

Writing has been my passion since mid-high school. Since then I’ve learned to do it in Spanish and I’ve been trying in English, however, I’d like to share that over this past week I learned that what I’d like to do the most would be to produce creative projects either publishing a book, audiovisual projects, radio program, apps, etc. or been evolving in the business case of them.

In anyway, I’ve learned what I really want to do is to produce. The thing is that I’ve got no idea how to do it… So I diced to star by publishing more often my own material through this blog and start by involving myself in more of those processes. Also the past few days I’ve been assisting to the writing workshop taught by Carlos Bustos, a recognized Mexican writer, who is specialized in writing novels and short tales and was during this workshop that I’ve found that tons and tons of good papers and writing projects get lost because the lack of funding they have.


For example there’s this local magazine called Himen, which specialized its work in poetry and they just launched its No.1 printed issue, however they’re not in a digital platform and they are putting a lot of effort to preserve Universidad de Guadalajara’s funding to keep publishing. However, when I approach the editor during the workshop and I suggest that he should check out Prosoft 2.0 funding Mexican incentives, I thought he looked like was hesitating about trying it.


Is important to mention that Prosoft 2.0 fund, just launched the call bid for 2014 projects last Friday and the last call would might be closing during June. This is one of the most important incentives granted by the federal government and it goes almost exclusively to ITC’s companies… The good part is that almost anyone can try to get them, as far as the projects meets all criteria calls. In any case is a complicated process that once you’ve learned how to do it, you might be interested in support your companies projects or your entrepreneurs ideas.


I think most of entrepreneurs (we) are scared to go through a process like that, especially if you are starting by having $0.00 in your bank account to capitalized your idea. And well if you already have a company and want to introduce your projects or services in LATAM you might be interested in getting not only Prosoft 2.0 supports, but Promexico, will help you to soft land your company in Mexico, the most influent country within the region (yeah, even more than Brazil… not richer but influent).


2014 de huevos!

It has been a long time since the last time I published something but first of all I’d like to wish you a new year full of challenges and good experiences. Secondly, I’d like to explain why I have been a little bit disconnected from blogging. For starts I’m pleased to share that it was mostly because my cousins were in the city for holidays, after New Year’s Eve was because of work, which leads me to the subject I’d like to share with you this time an animation movie called Huevocartoon.


De huevos! Is an informal common expression among youth Mexican society and is meant to say when something is going on really well, that’s the reason I’ve chosen as the subject of this entry, not only because what it can mean personally but mostly because the way things will be working out for this movie.

For people outside Mexico it might not sound so familiar, however Huevocartoon has become one of the most valuable IP in Mexico in the past 10 years. It has also became a way to transmit the Mexican culture in a sarcastic way by using typical stereotypes or characters from its culture. It also creates a humoristic criticism for policy topics or even society behaviors.


In the past few months I’ve been lucky enough of getting to know (and sometimes work) with their creators and producers, I’ve been lucky enough to visit its studio several times and learn from its creative process to their rendering farm! Personally it has become my favorite part of my job, getting to visit those companies, their studios and watch the artist, programmer’s engineers and all their crew involve in such a projects and with such a commitment.


But this time I’m not here just to talk about the fascination of visit them, I’m here to talk about some of the greatest challenges they have suffer through the pipeline of their production process. Starting by the lack of budget (around $75 million of mxn pesos… around $5.77 million of usd) and even facing the correct training processes, whatever was the issue they did find a way to get through it and this summer they will be presenting its first 3D animated film. The IP has been growing not only in Mexico, but with its natural success it has reach new audiences outside Mexico such as the Latin American audience in the US and in South America.


However, I’d like to close this entry by inviting you to visit and watch some of their videos and even if you are not a Spanish speaker it might be really interested for you to see the quality of their work and to have a 2014 de huevos! Having your own clean slate to accomplish your goals this years!




Pamela Hernández

Holiday Season is here… But do not forget about the BOOTCAMPS!

Holiday season is already here and as long as you find yourself in a western country you’ll see it from floor to top anywhere and Mexico (being one of the most catholic countries on earth) wouldn’t be the exception, therefore “las posadas” have unofficially begun. We complement such a party by breaking up a sculpture of paperboard or clay full of candies and fruits, called LA PIÑATA. But with the holidays here, parties and delicious foo, isn’t surprising that in January one of the most common purposes people has is going back to the gym… Then during spring break and summer all girls go back to the gym to the BOOTCAMPS just to better fit into the bikini and enjoy the sun without any guilt.


However, there are more than one kind of BOOTCAMPS out there, I was surprising by that when last Friday I’ve got to meet Ury Sarabia a Mexican electronic engineer passionate about entrepreneurship and the business models for startups. Ury started its journey as an expert of such a subject when he went down to Chile and worked there with institutions such as CORFO and Start Up Chile, among others. Later on he got to meet his business partner in New York, where they officially started its own company by now START UP ESSENTIALS
is developing in MEXICO a series of events with different dynamics according to different objectives (sorry that I sound so redundant), my favorites so far:


Start Up Essentials Bootcamp: A 3 day event where a micro High Tech ecosystem is simulated and the entrepreneurs goes from a virtual investment world to starting its own business in the real one. The two main premises the model is based are:

  • 8/10 Start Ups fail, they want to reduce the number.
  • Do not work on a business idea, work in problems/solutions for your customers.


Fuck Up Nights: In Fuck Up Nights they create a forum to talk about local companies failures, the general idea is to take advantage of someone else’s expertise, who have faced a rough path and even go bankruptcy and based in someone else’s experiences the entrepreneurs might take better decisions on their own.


Last but not least, you should check out Lean Start Ups LATAM
a Facebook forum to share ideas and interact with some other Latin American entrepreneurs.


So in conclusion do not leave the BOOTCAMP for spring or summer…!

It’s never too Crowd!

If you are an entrepreneurial and if you already know what crowdsourcing is, then you’re going to love the crowd funding concept, especially if what you need to turn your idea into a business is money or funders. And if you’re looking where to invest on good ideas and you are not too convinced to do it in a crowd funding base, well let me explain you what’s in it for you!

In a globalized world, Mexico has become, along with Brazil, the country leader for entrepreneurship, evolving by adopting successful and innovative business models, therefore let me explain you why would you be interested in fondeadora‘s web site, which I believed, has a bigger data base of innovative projects to invest or to use it as a base for your own projects.

Fondeadora offers four main categories to either upload your project or to look for projects to fund, these are:

  • Art and Culture
  • Creative Industries
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Social Initiatives (Non-Profit Organizations)


But how does it works?

Well, it’s really easy, let’s say you are interested in uploading your project to Fondeadora‘s platform. First you need to know how much money your project needs, then you need to briefly describe how you would invest it. And third you will need to offer something in exchange for the donations you will received.


For example, there’s a project call Huertos Comunitarios en la Ciudad (community gardens in the city) which primary goal is to strength one of the oldest and typical neighborhood in the city by developing the urban agriculture through a urban community garden. Huertos Comunitarios offers the following rewards to their funding supporters:

  • Support $100.00 mxn pesos (around £5.00): Receive an artisanal post-card.
  • Support $250.00 mxn pesos (around £12.50): Receive organic seeds from the urban garden + the artisanal post card.
  • Support $500.00 mxn pesos (around £25.00): Receive all of the above + an artesinal flowerpot.
  • Support $1000.00 mxn pesos (around £50.00): Receive all of the above + a printed issue of intensive urban agriculture course by Azoteas Verdes.

    And so on up to $10,000.00 mxn pesos (around £500.00).

It is important to point out that all the projects has a deadline and if they haven’t collect the goal (which for Huertos Comunitarios would be $35,000.00 mxn pesos or about £1,750.00) Fondeadora returns the money to the supporters of each cause. Au contraire, if they do collect the money, they have to pay 5% of the total amount to Fondeadora and 5% to Paypal (to secure the money transfer processes).


Last but not least, it might also be a platform for bigger investors who could co-invest in it… Even though it doesn’t have a business model for it, at least it can be used to contact the manager projects, who I’m pretty sure, wouldn’t immediately denied that possibility if they have the chance to think about it.

From: Día de Muertos & La Piñata… To: HQ Creative Content

I was 8 years old when my favorite Mexican festivity used to be las posadas, if you’re not Mexican or descendent of a Hispanic culture, you might be asking what it is? If it’s the case, let me explain you… Las posadas starts exactly nine days before Christmas eve, that would be in December 16th to the 24th, Las posadas are the result of a catholic evangelization strategy due to the Mesoamerican indigenous people who used to celebrate the birth date of Huitzilopochtli, god of war of the mexica culture. However, las posadas, succeed in their goal of evangelization of Christmas meaning and it has its own Mexican way of celebration which is attach to another Mexican tradition, such as La piñata, where each day you get to break a sculpture made out of clay or paper.


Never the less, that happened when I was a little girl, nowadays the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos, has become more interesting to my eyes, this tradition has its origin in the Mesoamerican culture as well. It’s celebrate in November 2nd each year, for over three thousand years now (according to historical records). This tradition honorees the life and the heritage of those who have passed away, however, the Mexican writer and Nobel Prize winner, Octavio Paz, explained in its awarded work “El laberinto de la soledad”, how the Mexican culture celebrates dead, and through a millenary tradition we celebrate those who passed away and how our culture makes a colorful party out of it, in compare with other cultures around the world that has a “dark” or “evil” approach to death.


However, things have changed a bit too much around here, Mexico became global since 1994 with the NAFTA, therefore the technology and knowledge transfer start to change the way we used to do business and it has been evolving within the last 20 years… From using business models and studying business theory to more complex dynamics where the transfer of technology started to change production processes, supply chain distributors and new techniques. So just to have an idea how much these have change not only our daily lives but our traditions let me tell you what Día de Muertos and La Piñata means to me today.


Día de Muertos, means one of the three animated movies which production process takes place in Jalisco (I’d like to mention that in Mexico there are currently only five 3D animated movies in production process… Where three out of five are made in our state), such a great movie would show in a digital era how Mexican celebrates this ancient tradition and it’ll happen through a digital platform, this platform might allow to reach and connect with an international audience. Which was The Walt Disney Company’s target once, when the local company Metacube (headquartered in the university ITESM, campus Guadalajara) faced a legal battle for the legal rights of a brand named “Día de Muertos”¸ such a battle couldn’t be better supported by the Mexicans living both sides of the border by questioning how an American company were supposed to do a movie of a theme they do not understand at all and only for commercial purposes? The discussion reaches the #TrendingTopics in social networks such as Twitter.


On the other hand the concept of La Piñata has changed for me as well, by meeting Mr. Stever n Leof last week in a CANIETI Occidente series of events, the current Director of 321 Market and high level executive at Softtek Europe, who share with me its entrepreneurial idea of launching a digital magazine to let the business men of high tech industries know what’s happening in Mexico and why making business in Mexico has become a better option than some other countries such as the eastern Europeans or the BRIC countries. La Piñata shares news, opinions of the experts and creates a diffusion and discussion forum for those interested in the high tech Industries and the link that UK can do with Mexico in a business level.


Inesperadas, no requeridas e inexpertas… (pero no poco profesionales) opiniones de las industrias creativas en México.

Hace poco más de año y medio me tropecé por accidente con el proyecto Guadalajara Ciudad Creativa Digital… ¿Que qué es…? Ya les contaré más adelante de él… Por el momento me gustaría darles una breve introducción a este espacio y a mi persona (así no hay de que “no me dijeron”), mi nombre es Pamela Hernández y tengo 23 años, soy Coordinadora de Proyectos de Promoción y Atracción a Inversiones de Guadalajara Ciudad Creativa Digital A. C., misma que administra el fideicomiso (de igual nombre) constituido por capital y tierras (al menos de momento y mayormente) para el proyecto, cuyo nombre, es cedido a la A. C. y al fideicomiso.

El proyecto gira en torno al Parque Morelos… (¡Si! el mismo del de las Villas Panamericanas… Sólo que este en realidad hace sentido…) el proyecto plantea la recuperación de espacios entorno a la reactivación económica de la zona, mediante una industria que crece a tasas superiores a las de otras industrias tradicionales como comercio, servicios o manufactura… Las industrias creativas.

Como pueden ver el proyecto me apasiona y más lo que  hago en mi trabajo, que suena a fancy stuff, pero en realidad es la atracción de proyectos productivos y de inversión al sitio, así como promoción del proyecto en general. En este proyecto he aprendido desde arquitectura y urbanismo stuff, hasta IT, modelos de negocios, propuestas financieras, burocracia… Bueno de “todo”, claro, sin ser experta en estos temas, pues verán yo estudié la Licenciatura en Relaciones Internacionales. Sin embargo el más grande de mis tropiezos y descubrimientos fue el de las producciones audiovisuales y es que me puedo pasar horas hablando, analizando, leyendo o lo que sea de eso y no me aburre ni poquito… Lo mismo que reunirme con productores, empresas o profesionistas creativo-digitales.

Les explico lo anterior, para ahora sí, advertirles que las opiniones reflejadas en este blog son personales, inexpertas y seguramente no requeridas… Siéntase libre de rechazarlas, dialogarlas o corregirlas, pues sólo así se puede aprender, nutrir o retroalimentar un tema… El principal de este blog será ¿cómo comercializar los proyectos de emprendedores, artistas o profesionistas creativo-digitales? ¿En base a qué? …bueno a lo poco o mucho que pueda aportar su servidora y todo aquel lector que voluntaria o involuntariamente tropiece con este blog, así como yo tropecé con lo que descubrí me apasiona en la vida.